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Most of the time you might want an incentive travel for your business or for one of your clients as a form of compensation to their best employees. We believe a great incentive travel is not only a great way to keep best performers but also to attract very talented staff when offering and incorporating incentive travel as a benefit as a yearly benefit.

Some employees may not have the time, money or interest in searching where to travel abroad on their leisure time, others may not have never left their town, city, provinces, states let alone their country, giving them the chance to discover other cultures and experience on your corporate dime, can be the most rewarding and beautiful memories for you and your employees, build a greater bond and use that as part of one of the benefits your organization offers.

You may want to celebrate a mile stone, launch a new product or services and willing to prepare your staff for this new challenge, an incentive travel program to Panama is one of the best ways to achieve your goal and of course hiring us, LIVE FOLKS, as your local Destination Management Company as an extended part of your organization is the best way to go about it.

We work for you and with you to create the best incentive travel program for you, that uniquely matches your interests. We speak your language and we know that each corporation, association, foundation among others have different travel needs and want to fulfil different corporate goals. For those reasons we challenge ourselves to create unique incentives travel programs in a creative way that none is the carbon copy of the other, but unmatched.

You can rely on us not simply because we know our destination like the palms of our hands but the back of our hands too, nothing escapes our attention, we are constantly looking for and hiring the best local providers that are distinguished by the level of our commitment, making sure every segment or branch of our services has the best committed personal to provide the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

We take all form of communications channel seriously, emails, WhatsApp chats, phone calls, online meetings, video calls and we are never too busy to talk to you when you need us the most. We build a stronger connection together and have a better sense of the art when we are able to communicate freely, our dedication to your success is unparalleled.

Let us take care of your corporate incentive travel needs send us an email with the subject Incentive travel to [email protected] today, we are never too busy for you.

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